Communication matters!

Are you looking for a reliable partner to assist you with your public relations and communication needs? Look no further than Pressecentrum - a freelance communication business providing comprehensive PR and communication solutions tailored to your needs.

Pressecentrum will create and implement a comprehensive communication strategy to ensure your message reaches the right audience - on budget and on time.

Pressecentrum specializes in crafting custom press releases and media advisories to help you achieve your desired goals with all sorts of media and get your story noticed. We can also help you create and distribute content to your target audience and measure and track your campaigns' success.

At Pressecentrum, we believe in delivering results. Therefore, we leverage all our 30 years of expertise and professionalism to facilitate a communication plan that works for you and your budget.


Pressecentrum has a proven and rock-solid foundation in traditional journalism. But we can quickly expand and cater our professional services to satisfy any communication needs. Amongst our most common services are:

- Professional press releases
- Public relations
- Social Media Management
- Web content
- Advertorials
- Sound & video
- Business journalism
- Traditional journalism
- Internal communications


Over the years, Pressecentrum has provided a wide range of communication and public relations services for clients in Denmark and Faroe Islands. These include (in random order):

- Safe Tech Products 🇩🇰
- Defined Energy 🇫🇴
- Faroese Business Report 🇫🇴
- Semco Maritime 🇩🇰
- Elektron 🇫🇴
- Faroese Telecom 🇫🇴
- Apollo Media 🇩🇰
- Esbjerg Rock Festival 🇩🇰
- SHB Denmark 🇩🇰
- Flensted 🇩🇰
- Ugeavisen Varde 🇩🇰
- Lund & Co 🇩🇰
- FiskerForum 🇩🇰
- KODA 🇩🇰
- Dansk Musiker Forbund 🇩🇰
- Computerworld 🇩🇰
- PolyTech 🇩🇰
- Journalistrevisor 🇩🇰
- Erling Transport Spedition 🇩🇰
- Volapük 🇩🇰
- Søndagsavisen 🇩🇰
- JydskeVestkysten 🇩🇰
- Ugeavisen Esbjerg 🇩🇰
- Esbjerg Erhvervsudvikling 🇩🇰